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Benefits Of Test Automation And Opportunity Cost

A member of The Hertfordshire Chamber of Commerce asked us about what we do, and the value provided to clients last week. The customer success stories; reducing retail test cycle execution times from weeks to hours make a big difference. The capability means that tests can be performed more frequently, with smaller deltas between builds, which means that unexpected results can be analysed quickly.

Is this technology used across the board? The answer is no. There are major retailers in the UK, USA, and Europe that have manual integration testing.

What about the opportunity cost? The cost associated with not taking advantage of available technology comes at various levels. Better and faster testing reduces the risk of production problems, the increased efficiency reduces cost, and IT can deliver business value faster and more frequently.

What is the price of putting off improvement? Count the cost of handling production issues, lost sales due to problems, and reduced competitiveness.

What impact is Covid having and is the impact causing organisations to delay Organisations were struggling to get into payments labs and that automation helped a lot here. We are evolving our capability to work with equipment in the lab from home. We have changed our delivery approach, and have continued to onboard retailers into the machine-based robotic test automation club throughout the pandemic. We are looking forward to meet up with customers and potential customers when possible.



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