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Fuel Payment Test Automation: A Successful Case Study with a Major US Food and Fuel Retailer.

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

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IntelliQA's Pioneering Approach to Automating Fuel Payments and its impact on efficiency and savings.

This blog will elucidate how IntelliQA provided a pioneering solution to one of the leading food and fuel retailers in the United States, renowned for its extensive local reach and national scale. We will specifically focus on IntelliQA's role in devising and implementing a robust fuel payment testing solution for our client. The ensuing case study will delve into the project's outcomes and highlights, shedding light on the successful collaboration between IntelliQA and the retailer. Our valued partnership and collaboration continue to this day.

Project Aims:

The main objective was to accomplish complete transaction automation for both fuel payment at the pump and fuel payment at the kiosk situations, encompassing multiple payment options.

Examples of Pay at Kiosk and Pay at Pump payment flows are:

Pay at Kiosk

This scenario included the following steps:

  • Select Pay at Kiosk on the Main Display

  • Tender a pre-paid amount using automation on the Kiosk Point of Sale and payment automation on the Kiosk Payment Terminal (with payment cards and PIN Entry robotics)

  • Select a fuel grade and nozzle

  • Begin fuelling

  • Fuel to the tendered amount

  • End fuelling

  • Return nozzle

  • Validate transaction values on the Sales Display, Grade Price, and Backend Systems

The scenario must be achieved with Chip, Swipe, and Contactless payments.

Pay at Pump

This scenario included the following steps:

  • Select Pay at Pump on the Main Display

  • Complete a successful payment transaction at the pump

  • Select a fuel grade and nozzle

  • Begin fuelling

  • Fuel to the tendered amount

  • End fuelling

  • Return nozzle

  • Validate transaction values on the Sales Display, Grade Price, and Backend Systems

Our existing capability extended to:

  • POS Terminal - Display Interaction and Validation

  • Payment Terminal - Card, keypad, and display validation and interaction

  • Chip and PIN, Contactless and Magstripe - Card Selection and Simulation

  • Backend Infrastructure – Interaction and Validation

The areas that we needed to address were the physical interaction with the fuel dispenser, i.e.,

  • Nozzle Selection and Fuelling

  • Grade Selection and Grade Price Validation

  • Sales Display Validation

  • Main Display Interaction and Validation

  • Payment Keypad Entry

  • Card Reader - Insert and Remove Cards with the positioning and timing required for both Chip and MagStripe cards

IntelliQA developed a leading-edge solution that incorporated a PIN Entry Robot, Chip & PIN Multiplexer, Contactless Multiplexer and Magstripe that was powered by IntelliQA-developed Eggplant code using their Digital Automation Intelligence.

The project had four distinct phases: Preparation, On-site Proof of Concept, Remediation and Final Proving. This approach enabled us to ensure that we met the client’s needs.


The project showcased the practicality of achieving complete automation, proving that it is indeed possible to automate various processes. This achievement has brought about numerous advantages, primarily in terms of cost and time savings for our client. Test execution time was reduced from weeks to hours, and the robots continue to run on a daily basis.

The project presented significant challenges. One of the most challenging was Magstripe payments. Our onsite engineering team worked with the client and fuel dispenser vendor to devise a method to overcome the security mechanisms of the dispenser and be able to test with many cards. The working solution was well-received by the client.

By implementing automation, a significant number of subject matter experts (SMEs) are now able to redirect their efforts towards more valuable and impactful activities. This shift in focus allows SMEs to engage in tasks that require their expertise and strategic thinking, thereby maximising their potential contribution to the organisation.

The benefits of automation are evident in the efficiency gains achieved in the release cycle. Previously, the time required for each release was measured in weeks, leading to potential delays and inefficiencies. However, with the implementation of automation, the release cycle has been streamlined and accelerated, resulting in releases being completed more swiftly and smoothly. This reduction in time-to-market has numerous positive implications, including increased agility, improved customer satisfaction, and a competitive edge in the market.

The project has yielded significant cost savings. By automating various processes, the organisation has reduced its reliance on manual labour, which can be costly and time-consuming. The automation has enabled our client to optimise the utilisation of its resources by minimising the need for human intervention in repetitive and mundane tasks. This improved resource utilisation leads to higher productivity levels and cost-effectiveness, as fewer human resources are required to accomplish the same amount of work.

In summary, our efforts on this project with our leading US client were sufficiently impressive for us to be awarded the ‘European Test Award for the Most Innovative Project in 2020’: an accolade of which we are very proud and that we were honoured to receive.

At IntelliQA, we offer a range of different automation solutions, and by working with many leading enterprises, we have learned how to adapt our offerings to meet the needs of your business. Like this US client, we will be able to save costs for you while also reducing your test cycle time and increasing the level of quality of your deliverables.

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In today's world, robotics can assist in a multitude of areas and at IntelliQA, we have built robotics to help leading retailers with their payment testing. Our test automation for point-of-sale (POS) uses robotics to test various payment methods, ensuring accuracy and reducing costs to leading retailers across the globe.

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