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Fuel Payment Testing – Refining a Successful Approach

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Fuel payment testing. Approach for fuel retailers to test payment using IntelliQA solution.

Fuel retailers repeatedly test their systems to ensure the payment mechanisms are correct and meet the required standards. The tests are typically performed in payment test labs using dedicated test equipment, including Indoor and Outdoor Payment Terminals (Fuel Dispensers). The tests are essential, repetitive and are typically performed manually.

Our company is renowned for innovation, devising pragmatic solutions, and integrating the right technology to help clients succeed. Our solution to the Outdoor Payment Terminal Testing challenge combined advanced test automation, robotics and specialist payment test equipment to automate the testing successfully. Our first generation was well-received by our clients and won awards.

We are pleased to announce a second-generation solution that makes it simpler for fuel retailers to achieve fuel payment test automation. With the new solution, there is no need to disassemble fuel dispensers. The approach reduces the labour costs and the administrative overhead associated with maintenance mode and eliminates the risk involved in disassembly.

The new modular approach combines bespoke actuators attached to an exoskeleton in front of the dispenser.

The modules address the following elements:

· Payment Keypad

· Card Reader

· Grade Select, Nozzle and Flow Switches

· Main Display Customer Interaction

· Main Display, Sales Display and Grade Displays

Fuel payment dispenser.

In each engagement, our Engineers will assess the dispenser and devise a solution, reusing common components and devising and creating specific components as required. The full solution will be delivered, integrated and tested to our high-standards. Our full training then enables customers to use and extend the solution to meet their specific needs, reassured by the backing of IntelliQA support.

The improved solution will help customers increase their efficiency and productivity with minimal disruption to their operations. With IntelliQA's support and expertise, customers can achieve the best results possible for their testing process. The improved Outdoor Payment Test Solution is yet another example of IntelliQA's commitment to meeting the highest quality standards of its customers. By providing innovative solutions and reliable support, we are proud to develop long-term partnerships and help customers to reach their goals. Together, we are confident that we can make the testing process faster and easier for everyone involved.

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