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Fuelling the Future: How Robotic Automation is Revolutionising Fuel Payment Testing

Updated: May 9, 2023

Automation Payment Testing for Fuel. Fuel Payment Testing using Robotics.

Are you frustrated by the time-consuming process of manually testing fuel payments that slows your release cycles? With the growing popularity of automation testing in the software industry, numerous testers are seeking methods to automate the testing of hardware components. On the other hand, the process of fuel payment testing encompasses the following actions:

  • Pressing soft keys.

  • Choosing nozzles, grades, and flow.

  • Completing payments at the PINPAD presents difficulties when attempting to automate.

Fuel payment testing poses a difficulty due to the displays employed at the fuel pump. The main display, used for selecting fuel, car wash, and other options, and the sales and grade displays showing fuel type and pricing information, can impede automation testing. The process can be further complicated by fluctuating prices for different fuel types and varying discounts offered to loyalty program members or specific credit cardholders. Consequently, manual testing is frequently necessary, causing release cycles to decelerate and creating a reliance on manual testing.

IntelliQA has tackled this challenge through our cutting-edge robotic solution designed for fuel payment testing. Our solution is devised to test full end-to-end payment scenarios, including pay at the pump and pay inside. Our automation emulates both the retailer and the customer, with comprehensive coverage of payment types (dip, tap and swipe), EMV and fuel cards, and full fuelling cycles. Our innovation is award-winning.

Our solution can read displays and synchronise the test case flow by leveraging cameras and OCR technology. This feature facilitates the automation of payment testing, even when confronted with the hardware limitations characteristic of fuel payment testing.

We take great pride in leading the charge towards the transformation of fuel payment testing and are delighted that our solution has been awarded the Best Innovation accolade.

If you want to discover how our solution can optimise fuel payment testing and expedite your release cycles, don't hesitate to contact us. Let's collaborate to enhance your software's quality and performance.

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