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How to use AI Based Testing for your systems?

Updated: May 9, 2023

A person taps their card on a pin pad that a retailer is holding. They're making use of the contactless payment feature.

Test automation, while a useful tool to validate an application’s existing functionality with new features added in each new release, can be limited by its regressive nature. The repetitive execution of the same pattern of test cases with similar data each time can result in missed corner case scenarios that were not prioritised or manually tested. While this approach validates your application, it can lead to a false sense of security, as you are running the same test cases defined at the state of automation development without considering potential issues that arise over time.

In general, customers report issues that arise from corner case scenarios that were not included in the project scope due to their priority. As a result, these scenarios were not manually tested to avoid prolonging the testing cycles. If these scenarios were to be automated, it would add to the development and maintenance costs of the automation process.

Test automation has come a long way on the technical front, with a plethora of frameworks and tools available for automation engineers to build a robust testing solution. However, the current solutions still rely on predetermined flows and scripts. An Automation Intelligence system is necessary to guide the automation flow, making it easier to manage at the model level.

Testing with Automation Intelligence involves using a trained AI model with defined steps and actions for each flow in your application. To begin, your systems wireframe is captured and each action is assigned an automation code. The model then generates and executes your automation flow based on the selected path. You can also specify the weight of each flow, determining which scenarios require more coverage and which are less likely.

IntelliQA has been an industry player for more than a decade, implementing numerous Automation Intelligence solutions for the fuel, retail, and industrial sectors. Our pre-existing models and frameworks can easily be applied to retail point of sale (POS), automated teller machines (ATMs), fuel, and payment certification systems for both retail and industrial. Additionally, for a more tailored approach, we offer bespoke robotics to test solutions.

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