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Meet The Team: Paul Kaye

IntelliQA meet the team image of Paul Kaye. Portrait image of CEO and Founder of IntelliQA.

Introducing our next meet-the-team series where you can learn more about the IntelliQA team; next up, Paul Kaye, CEO and Founder of IntelliQA.

1. What is your current role, and how long have you worked at IntelliQA?

I founded IntelliQA in 2011 on the belief that there was a place in the market for a high-quality consultancy that provides complete IT Quality Assurance Solutions, including strategy, processes, implementation and tooling. My years of experience in enterprise-level Engineering taught me the need to embed quality throughout the project delivery lifecycle and the importance of iterative delivery. Test automation is essential to attain and sustain the quality levels and throughput required for iterative delivery mechanisms. I developed a passion for test automation during the late 1990s and 2000s in Centres of Excellence of Investment Banks, devising processes and techniques to achieve effective test automation within projects. IntelliQA enabled me to combine my passion for Engineering, Quality and Test Automation into a company that could excel and provide genuine customer value in the collaborative style in which I firmly believe.

2. What is your favourite part of your role? And what is your greatest achievement?

I enjoy talking to enthusiastic potential customers, understanding their ambitions and helping to put together a solution that meets their needs. We have a talented pre-sales and engineering team that exhibit a fantastic level of desire and commitment to devise and implement solutions. It is great to see the plans become reality and witness customer excitement and engagement as this occurs.

The industry recognition of the two European Software Test Awards was very satisfying, it was an honour to receive these and they serve as inspiration to continue to innovate and develop. It is manifested in what I personally consider my greatest achievement, the recruitment and development of our team that exudes the ethos that enabled the award wins.

3. What excites you about working for IntelliQA?

IntelliQA develops specialist solutions that combine robotics, advanced test automation and specific payment test components. To achieve what we do is challenging, it requires a deep understanding of a range of domains and disciplines. It is great to see the team come together and address these challenges in a structured and pragmatic manner. We are fortunate to work with industry-leading customers and partners that help to provide the challenges and technology to keep us at the forefront of the industry.

4. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am proud to be an Engineer who has been awarded a Fellowship of the Institution of Engineering and Technology; achieving this prestigious level of professional recognition was incredibly rewarding. Within IntelliQA, we prioritise continued professional development, and I actively encourage team members to pursue professional memberships. I am also a proud fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Science, and Manufacture, where I Promote diversity and sustainability, among other responsibilities.

In my role, I relish the opportunity to travel and engage with individuals, learning from their perspectives. Travel allows me the time to sit back and read inspirational books; for example, "Good to Great" by Jim Collins is among my favourites.

Above all, I am truly blessed with a wonderful family. Spending time with my wife, Jayne, and our grown-up children brings me immense joy. Their achievements, attitudes, and the high standards they uphold make us immensely proud.

5. Fun fact about yourself?

I tell people quite frequently that I am 92 years old. It is a lie, I am 91 years old.

Stay tuned for our next meet team!

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