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The next generation of Fuel Payment Test Automation

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Fuelling the future graphic. Fuel Payment Automated Testing Robotic. Using robotics for test automation

IntelliQA is proud to announce the next generation of the Fuel Payment Test Automation Solution. It is devised specifically for the widely used FlexPay IV unit, and builds on our award-winning solution back in 2019. This generation is simpler and faster to implement and reduces overall risk.

Our FlexPay IV fuel payment test solution represents the pinnacle of technological innovation in the realm of fuel payment test automation. Through a sophisticated blend of cutting-edge robotics, advanced test automation techniques, and specialised payment test tools, it empowers organisations to realise their dream of full end-to-end test automation.

Building upon our prior successes, wherein our clients achieved nothing short of remarkable results, we've witnessed a profound transformation in their testing processes. Notably, clients have experienced an astounding 96% reduction in test execution costs, a feat that not only exemplifies cost-efficiency but also underscores the profound impact of automation in optimising resource allocation.

Furthermore, the FlexPay IV fuel payment test solution has reduced the test execution cycle times by an impressive 80%. It enables our clients to identify and resolve problems quickly, thus significantly reducing the overall release time.

The true revolution lies in the change in strategy that we enable our clients to effect. By embracing fast, accurate, and repeatable automation, they've been liberated from the constraints of manual testing and are now equipped to direct their valuable efforts more efficiently. This newfound agility means they can prioritise and expedite feature releases that carry substantial business benefits.

In essence, the FlexPay IV fuel payment test solution represents not just a technological advancement but a strategic shift. It empowers organisations to unlock new levels of productivity and innovation, allowing them to thrive in an ever-evolving market. With automation as their trusted ally, our clients are positioned to lead the charge in delivering exceptional products and services that drive tangible and lasting success.

We are excited to unveil our next generation of Fuel Payment Test Automation solution at the NACS Show in Atlanta from the 3rd to the 6th of October. Contact if you would like to find out more.

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