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We design and develop solutions to perform mechanical interactions and enable full end-to-end system test automation.

3D printing machine in action

Do you face a repetitive system test challenge with human interaction that slows your whole process?  Talk to us and benefit from our multiple award-winning innovations. 

Many modern platforms have sophisticated man-machine interfaces, household appliances, cars, and control systems, and many others have intuitive interfaces for human operability.  Companies can readily test the software with hardware simulation; the full hardware-software integration tests are frequently performed manually.  IntelliQA understands the importance of full integration tests where everything comes together for real.  We offer the capability to automate these tests using robotics, bespoke engineering, and advanced test automation technology. 

Intelliqa's H1 Robot

Test Automation:  We use leading model-based test tools and technology-agnostic test automation to provide readily understood, maintainable and effective automation.   

Engineering:  Our experienced design engineers use their mechatronic talents and CAD tools to create effective solutions to challenges.  Our in-house capabilities mean that we can rapidly prototype and test the effectiveness of our ideas. 

Visualisation:  We combine our engineering and visual content creators to express our vision of how the solution will work. 

Additive Manufacture:  We have advanced industrial 3D printers to create low-volume parts to quickly bring our ideas to reality. 

IntelliQA robot canopy

Challenges excite us; we love nothing more than understanding a requirement and putting together a solution that not only overcomes the challenge but is simple and effective.  It is how we win awards. 

Our Bespoke Solution capability has enabled us to address aspects of POS Test Automation, such as Physical Receipt Validation, Fuel Dispenser Test Automation, Mobile Point of Sale Register Test Automation and more.   

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