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IntelliQA Cookie Policy

What are cookies?
A cookie is a piece of data that is sent to your computer when you visit a website. Cookies allow us to keep track of your preferences and recognise you as a return visitor when you visit our website a subsequent time.

Why does IntelliQA use cookies?
We use cookies to improve your experience across the website.

Data obtained by a cookie is used to deliver customised content and promotions within the website and across the IntelliQA products to customers whose behaviour indicates that they are interested in a particular subject area.

What types of cookies do we use, and how do we use them?

Website cookies
We use cookies to improve your experience across our site. You can choose to accept or decline the use of cookies on our website. If you select "decline", your information won't be tracked when you visit the site.

Advertising cookies
Third-party advertising cookies collect information about your browsing habits, such as the web pages you have visited. We use this information to make our website more relevant to your interests, and, when advertising, it ensures our ads are more relevant to your needs.


This Statement has been reviewed and approved for publication by Paul Kaye, the CEO of IntelliQA on 17th January 2021.

This Statement may be downloaded here.

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