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Full end-to-end automation of fuel payment testing yields significant business benefits.  Talk to us about how leading fuel retailers adopt our award-winning solution to transform their testing.

Intelliqa green and black fuel pump

Fuel Retailers typically face the same Point of Sale challenges as other retailers, with the extension of Pay at Pump and takeaway food scenarios.  Pay at Pump in the US, in particular, has been transformed by the challenge of meeting EMV compliance standards.  Fuel station operators must comply with the standards or face fraud liability at their facility.  Regular platform updates require test processes to be fast and efficient.  Traditionally, fuel payment testing has been performed manually using actual hardware and physical payment cards (EMV and fleet).  IntelliQA has addressed this challenge by automating the tests using machine-based robotics, specialist payment components, and advanced test automation technology.

Green fuel cump that is also a credit card

The IntelliQA differentiator is the intelligent combination of technology:

Test Automation:  We use leading model-based test tools and technology-agnostic test automation to provide readily understood, maintainable and effective automation. 

Payment Elements:  Integration with specialist Payment Certification Test tools, physical card multiplexers (Dip and Tap), and Magstripe Simulators (Swipe) to address EMV and fleet scenarios.

Physical Interaction:  Our in-house Engineering Team designs and implements robotics and control systems to emulate customer interaction with dispensers.

Vision:  We integrate vision systems with advanced OCR to be able to read the displays on the Dispensers and Pinpads.

Test automation simulates retailer and customer interactions and payment systems at the fuel pumps and in the kiosk of gas stations to cover the hundreds of scenarios that need to be tested regularly.  By automating the tests, IntelliQA achieves faster test execution times, earlier defect detection, higher quality and better utilisation of test rigs.  We have successfully automated end-to-end testing covering a range of scenarios, card payment types, and regression tests for kiosks and outdoor payment terminals.

IntelliQA helps fuel retailers ensure their systems function correctly and prevent issues that could negatively impact customer experience.  This approach can also help businesses save time and money by reducing the need for manual testing and improving the accuracy and speed of testing.

Intelliqa gas station
Fuel Dispenser Breakdown
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