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Full end-to-end automation of fuel payment testing yields significant business benefit.  Talk to us about how leading fuel retailers are adopting our award-winning solution to transform their testing.


Major fuel retailers in the US and worldwide need to undertake rigorous testing to demonstrate that their systems are EMV compliant, and function and perform as per requirements.  The EMV deadline for fuel pump payments in the US is April 2021. Now fuel station operators must comply with the EMV standard or assume the liability for the fraud at their facility.  Regular platform updates while maintaining stringent standards require test processes to be fast and effective. 

Fuel payment testing is frequently performed manually as actual hardware, and payment cards are required.  Our approach to automating these tests using machine-based robotics, specialist payments components and advanced test automation earned us the Most Innovative Project award at the European Software Test Awards for 2020. 

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Automation that simulates human interaction at the pump (customer fuelling and payment interaction) and the kiosk (merchant and customer payment interaction) results in faster test execution, lower defect latency, higher quality, and better utilisation of test rigs. 

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We have successfully achieved end-to-end test automation, including the kiosk and the outdoor payment terminal.  It includes a full range of scenarios, all types of card payment, and regression and certification testing automation.

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We are fortunate to have worked with some of the worlds-leading fuel retailers to develop our offering and are now working on additional bespoke solutions. Talk to our specialists about fuel payment test automation. Our consultants will take the time to understand your requirements, test scenarios, dispensers, and POS equipment, and will devise a solution to meet

your needs.