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Eggplant also known as Keysight software running on a IMac with three lightbulbs above showcasing how test automation simplifies your testing

IntelliQA offers creative solutions that blend expert consulting and advanced technology to help clients: eliminate IT delivery obstacles, enhance workflow, and maximise business benefits from IT. Our award-winning approach to process improvement and test automation is practical and tailored to address real-world IT challenges.

Our retail offering includes Point-of-Sale (PoS) test solutions that use advanced test automation through integrating payment equipment and robotics. End-to-end testing is a critical process in the software development lifecycle, and manual testing is commonly a bottleneck for PoS platform delivery. Our innovative, award-winning solution integrates leading technology to make test automation a reality. We can offer the full solution from the register, barcode scanner, pin pad, payment cards, receipts, and cash drawer with enterprise-level test automation, robotics and specialist payment test tools to achieve accurate, fast, and reliable testing.


This solution focuses on testing the point-of-sale (POS) systems used by retailers. It includes features such as automated testing, data-driven testing, and test reporting to ensure that POS systems are functioning properly and accurately processing transactions.

IntelliQA's test automation robots


This solution is designed to test applications that are used in the oil and gas industry. It includes features such as testing for data integrity, security, and compliance, as well as automated regression testing to ensure that any changes or updates to the software do not introduce new issues.

Green and black petrol station or gas station


This solution provides tailored testing services for clients with specific needs. It includes a range of testing services, including functional testing, performance testing, and test automation, to ensure that the software meets the client's requirements and performs as intended.

Albertsons Fuel a bespoke robotic project by IntelliQA


At IntelliQA, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their business objectives by providing not only cutting-edge software solutions but also exceptional customer service and support.


We offer a variety of support packages with every solution to ensure that our clients receive the level of assistance that they need to succeed. Our support packages include full tailored support, access to a knowledge base site that's full of support videos and guides and the option to purchase consultancy days.

Our dedicated support team will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and provide tailored solutions that meet your goals. We take pride in delivering top-notch support services that exceed your expectations and ensure your satisfaction.

A women with black hair answers a support call via her headset whilst using a computer

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