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Join the world-leading retailers in utilising our expertise, services and technology to automate Point of Sale Testing. 

Robotics set-up Payment Testing

Point of Sale (POS) systems are used by retailers to process transactions and manage inventory, and they are critical to the smooth operation of businesses.  The payment aspect is particularly important. 

Retailers undertake significant testing of their POS systems to ensure that they function as they require and are compatible with the stringent requirements placed on them by their acquirers and the EMV brands such as Visa, Mastercard and American Express.  The challenges associated with POS testing meant that it was traditionally performed manually.  IntelliQA has transformed this using advanced test automation and robotics and integrating specialist payment test components.  The impact is substantial, taking test execution times from weeks to hours. 

The IntelliQA approach to POS Test Automation is straightforward: 

Analysis and Design: Our experts work with you to define your test automation goals and devise a solution to meet your needs.  Benefit from the engineering and domain knowledge of our team. 

Installation and Training: We offer a comprehensive implementation package to help you be up and running quickly.  Our test automation specialists offer full training to enable you to develop the test automation yourself, should you choose. 

Implementation: Alternatively, we can create the test automation for you using Keysight Test Automation. 

Ongoing Support: Our dedicated support team and AI-powered knowledge base can assist at every step.  The main function of the support team is to provide guidance; issues are rare. 

Person in green suit holds up a stopwatch

Saves time and money by reducing reliance on manual testing, which is often time-consuming, labour-intensive and becomes a bottleneck to the whole delivery process. Automation allows retailers to redirect resources to more productive activities, resulting in opportunity gain and resource savings.

A cashier in a green apron holds up a pinpad and credit card whilst smiling showcasing he is happy at work

IntelliQA POS Test Automation improves test accuracy and speed. Automation enables simple and complex scenarios to be performed more accurately and consistently than manual methods, providing confidence and detecting defects earlier, saving development time and resources.

Customers line up in a shop whilst a cashier checks them out at the till

IntelliQA POS Test Automation enables you to improve your platform quality, providing customers with a better experience and helping you to realise business benefits faster. Deliver with confidence as frequently as you desire. Welcome to the future of POS Testing.

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