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Achieve complete end-to-end testing from the device to the dispenser: Fuel Payment testing.

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

A person takes part in paying for their fuel on a mobile phone, also know as mobile pay. They sit waiting in their car as the Fuelling process begins. You can see the payment being authorised on their phone

Award-winning Fuel Payment Testing Solutions extended to Mobile Pay

Fuel retailers provide motorists with various ways to pay for their fuel. The retailers offer Pay at the Kiosk (Indoor Payment Terminal), Pay at the Pump (Outdoor Payment Terminal), and Mobile Pay. Mobile Pay provides a wider range of payment methods, including credit cards, debit cards, Paypal, direct payment and Synchrony. The Mobile Pay applications typically include outlet location functionality, adding and editing payment methods, payment authorisation, loyalty, help and account administration functionality.

The IntelliQA Fuel Payment Test Solutions for the Indoor Payment Terminal and Outdoor Payment Terminal are established and functioning within several leading retailers. We were pleased to be asked by a major retailer to extend the capability to Mobile Pay. This article describes our approach and the benefits demonstrated.

The Mobile Pay opportunity allowed IntelliQA to demonstrate our capabilities, including solution design, implementation, and test automation with mobile and fuel dispensers.

Diagram to showcase the Mobile Pay solution. Diagram showing innovation, engineering and partnerships which create a full solution for mobile pay.

It also allowed us to showcase our capability to implement full solutions remotely and deliver to the US market using our Eggplant specialists in the UK and India.

As part of the solution design, we devised a solution to address the challenge of automating payment testing (including multi-factor authentication) on mobile devices and with the fuel dispenser. We addressed the mobile application's full functionality and the operation and validation of the fuel dispenser. Here is an example flow:

Mobile Pay diagram showcasing the steps. Full end to end solution for fuel payment testing. Mobile Pay.

The example shows the need to interact with the device and the pump as a human would. The solution requires advanced test automation to achieve payment authentication, control fuelling, and read displays on a device without connectivity. We selected Eggplant as a test automation tool; our experience from previous projects demonstrated the product's capability. Our objective was to develop automation for various iOS and Android devices. To achieve this, we elected to use the Sauce Labs device farm: Sauce Labs is trusted by industry leaders, and by working closely with them, we were able to utilise private, dedicated devices with the full SIM functionality that is required for One Time PIN authentication. IntelliQA was one of the first Eggplant and Sauce Labs integration users. For our specific requirements, we chose West Coast-based devices that met our needs; these are sufficiently responsive to support automation development from the UK and India. Through successful development, we demonstrated that we could achieve automation on these devices, which can subsequently be used on a private device farm in the payment lab to provide full flexibility.

By using our award-winning technology from previous projects to control the fuelling and read the dispenser displays. The form factor of the dispenser was slightly different in that it is a payment lab-specific variant of the Anthem dispenser. Our engineering team readily designed a camera mount to go over the dispenser unit; these enable us to read the displays with our advanced display reading algorithms.

Fuel dispenser. Fuel payment.

We combined these technologies to achieve successful test automation. Our close collaboration with the client enabled us to validate the automation on an iterative and frequent basis. Eggplant has a model-based solution that enables test flows to be visualised readily; the automation snippets are easy to read and maintain, especially with the best practices we utilise.

The solution described provides an accurate and robust test automation mechanism. We have taken this further by developing an integration between Eggplant and Azure DevOps to achieve DevOps integration. The integration enables the tests to be initiated from the Azure Pipeline. It provides granular results back to Azure DevOps to provide the single pane of glass view that leading delivery teams require.

This article describes how IntelliQA works with fuel retailers to understand and address their challenges. Our innovation and collaborative approach help us develop effective solutions readily integrated into delivery pipelines. We are privileged to have worked with leading retailers and partners to develop our leading-edge capability. The results are transformational. Cost savings, faster time to market and improved quality are achieved by reducing test execution cycle times to hours, early defect detection, and reducing manual effort, with high reliability and accuracy.

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