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Eliminate Bottlenecks For A Better Future.

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

COVID has certainly brought about changes to the way most of us work. The companies that can weather the current situation better are those with a high degree of automation; this is particularly true of IT companies, or companies that have IT teams developing applications to support their business. It is good to see that leading retailers can continue adapting their Point of Sale solutions to meet business demands, deploy and test automatically using advanced test automation and robotics that we have helped provide. Work on development projects such as test automation of fuel dispenser payments has continued remotely, with cameras and robots replacing human interaction in the payments laboratories. We recognize that this is the leading edge of capability.

Many companies have a gap between their desired level of test automation and what they have. We set ourselves a challenge of developing a promotion that would help such companies, especially those that were ready to invest and then found funding blocked.

One of the fastest ways to address the difference is to focus on the business-facing tests using the Eggplant DAI (Digital Automation Intelligence) platform. Eggplant DAI provides a mechanism to model your IT platform in a highly visual manner and develop and execute tests based on the model. The platform will work against any technology, modern or legacy, including mobile devices, browsers, and desktop apps.

IntelliQA is used to remote working. Our project-based consultants are working from home, and we have even been performing remote Proof of Value activity with a mobile payment application and robotics even in these difficult times. This fact presented us with an idea.

How about if we were to use our Eggplant Genius accredited consultants, together with Eggplant DAI to create AI models and test automation now, that we could provide as a turn-key solution to bridge the gap for companies that lack test automation? Full of enthusiasm, we spoke with our partner, Eggplant, and devised the following offer.

Qualifying customers will receive:

  • An extended Proof of Value in which IntelliQA consultants will create the AI models and automate key business flows free of charge.

  • Extended payment terms on licenses to enable activity to begin, and address the process debt now, rather than in a few months.

We believe that this is an exceptional offer. Contact us through our promotional landing page if you are interested:



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