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Meet the team: Neil Lambeth

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Meet the team: IntelliQAs head of support, Neil Lambeth in a navy blue almost black jumper with a shirt underneath looking smart and ready to offer 24/7 support to customers in the PoS and fuel industry

Introducing our next meet-the-team series where you can learn more about the IntelliQA team; next up, Neil Lambeth!

1. What is your current role, and how long have you worked at IntelliQA?

I am the Head of Support at IntelliQA, and I've had the privilege of working with this fantastic company since January 2015. In this role, I leverage my problem-solving skills to ensure that our clients have a seamless experience by resolving any issues that may arise while maintaining high service levels. A significant portion of my responsibilities involves providing Administration as a Service to one of our leading clients, ensuring that their administrative needs are met promptly and efficiently. Additionally, as part of IntelliQA's strategic partnership with TechUK, I play a crucial role in performing Escrow validations, which helps instil trust and confidence in our clients.

2. What is your favourite part of your role, and what is your greatest achievement?

My favourite aspect of my role is undoubtedly the opportunity to interact with our customers. It is gratifying to help them resolve their issues, address their concerns, and guide them towards successful solutions. There's a great sense of satisfaction in supporting our clients in achieving their goals and helping them navigate the intricacies of the IT industry.

My most significant achievement during my time at IntelliQA has been the establishment and management of the support function. I take great pride in having played a pivotal role in ensuring that our support services are top-notch, reliable, and responsive to the needs of our clients. Building and maintaining an effective support system is essential for any IT company, and I'm proud to have contributed to its success.

3. What excites you about working for IntelliQA?

What excites me about working for IntelliQA is the constant opportunity to collaborate across different teams and disciplines. With over four decades of experience in the IT industry, I've had the privilege of working in various roles, starting as a Computer Operator and eventually rising to the position of Head of Support. This vast experience allows me to engage with my colleagues and clients, sharing my knowledge and expertise. At the same time, I remain passionate about learning and adapting to new skills and technologies. It's a testament to the fact that you can teach an old dog new tricks, and I relish every opportunity to grow and evolve in this dynamic field.

4. Tell us a bit about yourself.

On a more personal note, I currently reside in Harrogate, Yorkshire, where I enjoy the serene and picturesque surroundings with my daughter. Our household is lively, thanks to our numerous pets ranging from a faithful dog called Henry to Maggie, the cat, to even some rather unusual eight-legged companions in the form of spiders.

5. Fun fact about yourself.

As a fun fact about me, I am a passionate Poker Player. I've dedicated much time and effort to hone my poker skills and have even qualified for the World Series of Poker final in Las Vegas. Poker is one of my main hobbies, and it's a thrilling and strategic game that has led me to some remarkable experiences in the competitive poker world.

Stay tuned for our final Meet the Team!

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