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Meet the team: Piyush Sundrela

Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Meet the team. Piyush Sundrela. Male looking at camera

Introducing our next meet-the-team series where you can learn more about the IntelliQA team; next up, Piyush Sundrela.

1. What is your current role, and how long have you worked at IntelliQA?

I am a Solution Architect at IntelliQA, which means I utilise my strong understanding of systems architecture, software, robotics, and the payment domain to devise solutions that meet client needs. Leading organisations use the solutions to transform their platform testing strategies, improve quality, significantly reduce test execution cycle times, and reduce costs. I have worked directly for IntelliQA for four years. It feels longer as I worked with Paul for several years before this; we share the same passion for innovation, technology and process improvement, which was my primary motivation to join the company.

2. What is your favourite part of your role, and what is your greatest achievement?

I very much enjoy working with customers. We are privileged to have built a client base that includes world-leading retailers, payment companies and point-of-sale providers. The customer interaction provides me with a direct understanding of their challenges and the opportunity to share the satisfaction of overcoming them. Our lab means I can readily access new technology and try out new ideas. The European Software Test Award wins rank among my most significant achievements; they are a visible reward for our daily work. It is always rewarding to see complete solutions come together and work; client satisfaction provides a great buzz.

3. What excites you about working for IntelliQA?

The company ethos is all about innovation and solid engineering. The culture and equipment encourage new ideas and trying them out to see if they will work, work repeatedly, and add customer value. It holds true across the spectrum of work, whether software, bespoke robotics or mechanical design. It is gratifying to take the ideas and collaborate with the team and the customer to enhance and refine them and make them into a product.

4. Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am fortunate to have worked in fantastic roles for major consultancies and payment companies. The expertise and experience I have gained within leading-edge test automation are the bedrock of my career. I live in Indore, India, with a brilliant wife and two fun and energetic children. We cover many time zones at IntelliQA, and the flexibility and working pattern allow me to apply maximum effort to pursue my career while enjoying the best of times with my family.

5. Fun fact about yourself.

I am a passionate supporter of Chelsea Football Club, watching most games on the TV. I have only watched Chelsea play live twice; both were at Wembley with Paul. Despite years of trying, I still haven’t gained company commitment to a hospitality box at Stamford Bridge. I have plenty of years left.

Stay tuned for our next meet team!

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