Award-winning test automation for even the most complex of systems.



Industrial strength test automation to provide fast and accurate testing of any platform.

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Our Story

We are an innovative and trusted consultancy firm that focuses on delivering value to enterprise clients through IT process improvement. 

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Our Vision

We relish challenge and help clients overcome IT delivery bottlenecks to achieve success.  Our engineering expertise, professional pride and commitment earn the trust and respect of clients.

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We combine expert consultancy and leading technology to provide innovative solutions that enable clients to optimise business benefit from IT by improving flow through eliminating delivery bottlenecks.


How it works

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Revolutionize your Point of Sale IT delivery, make business-driven changes at the pace of DevOps.  Eliminate the bottlenecks that hold you back, such as slow QA processes.  By automating these processes using advanced automation technology, robotics, and payment solutions, we can transform your delivery cadence.

Fast and Accurate

Historically test executions took weeks or even months, these were manually intensive and error-prone.  Automating the process reduces the time significantly, the leaders are running thousands of tests in hours instead of weeks, with robotic precision.

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Gareth Smith, CTO at Eggplant

"A pioneering partner at the forefront of innovation."


Who we work with

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